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Student's Name: Lisa Student's Country: Korea

How do I use the English phrase "Hit the Road" ?


  1. Great question Lisa!
    "Hit the road" = leave

    Ex: Hey Mike, this party is boring, let's "hit the road."

    You usually say "hit the road" when you want to leave a place soon or immediately.

    If any other students have tips about using the phrase "Hit the road" please post them here.

  2. I usually say "Let's hit the road."
    When I'm talking with my friends that are the same age. But I don't use it much when I'm with older people.

    -Ivan (Bulgaria)

  3. You're saying "hit the road" means leave.I wanna know if it means "having a journey" too?

  4. "Hit the road" can also be used if you are going on a journey or road trip. (Road trip means a journey by automobile.)

    So basically, "hit the road" can be used almost anytime you want to leave, and usually leave quickly.

    Another alternative is to say "take off."
    1. "This party is boring, let's take off."
    2. "What time are you taking off for your road trip tomorrow?"


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