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Student's Name: Shirley • Student's Country: South Korea

What does the English term "knock on wood" mean?
How can I use "knock on wood" in a sentence?

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  1. Great question Shirley!

    "Knock on wood" is a term often used by Americans.
    It basically is a way get rid of bad luck.

    It is a superstition.
    Americans might say something that could tempt fate or bring bad luck into their life. So to make the bad luck go away, they will make a fist with their hand and hit wood (like knocking on a door).

    Here are some ways you can use "knock on wood" in a sentence.
    Ex: "My favorite baseball team has never lost a game." (After saying that, I realize that my team could lose, so I "knock on wood."

    Ex 2: "We haven't had one bad day of weather all month!" (After saying that, I realize that it might rain today, so I "knock on wood" to keep away the bad luck and rain.

    Hope that helps you understand the term "knock on wood." If anyone has more example sentences using "knock on wood," please post them below.

    Have a great day!


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