Car Idioms and Phrases

Ripped Off  - You paid too much for something or someone charged you too much money.

"I really got ripped off when I got my BMW car insurance."

Through the roof - Very expensive.

"The rates for my new BMW motorcycle were through the roof!"

A Steal - a great bargain.

"I went to 5 different Mini Cooper dealers before I found a car that fit my budget. It was a steal!"

A Lemon - a bad car.

"I read in the latest BMW Magazine and BMWUSA report that the new BMW convertible is a real lemon."

Shoot for
- choose or try to get.

"I think I'll shoot for the Audi convertible instead."

Fender Bender - minor damage to the body of a car, usually above or around the front tires.

"I want to sell my Mercedes Benz because it has a fender bender and too many scratches."

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