How to use the phrase "Hurry up"

Student: Tin
Country: Vietnam

i'm Tin form vietnam. i have some problem and really need your help,
last day i had the agument with my teacher, we're talking about the word " hurry up"
so i'd like to ask you."hurry up"is it adj or verb? can i say "don't be hurry up? or don't hurry up?

Grant Teacher's Answer:

Hi Tin,
"hurry up" is a command used more like a verb than an adjective.
You can say "Billy, hurry up and give me my hat...I'm freezing!"
But you wouldn't say "Don't be hurry up."

You could say "Don't hurry up."
But it is not that common. You would usually just say "Relax." or "Slow down." or "Take it easy."

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