How to use slang: "Elephant in the Room"

Student: Kane
Country: India

Hi Sir !!
Im so happy to be your student, my name is kane im here in India but i realy like american english and like slang too. Please could you explain me what's the meaning of this expression : " The elephant in the Room"

Best Regards.
Your Student Kane.

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  1. Hi Kane, thanks for the question.

    "The elephant in the room" means that there is something big and obvious that people are ignoring.

    For example:
    There are two roommates named Tom and Bill that have some big problem with each other. They both hate each other and don't want to live together anymore.

    However, they pretend to like each other everyday and hide their true feelings.

    We could say that there is a big elephant in the room and Bill and Tom are ignoring it. They are not talking about their problem.

    Hope that helps Kane!
    If anyone else has more examples of the phrase "elephant in the room" please post a comment below.


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