Vocabulary (Beginner)

The 100 most used words in English
(Resource: The National Literacy Trust)

The following 12 words on average account for a quarter of all reading

a and he I
in is it of
that the to was

When you add the following 20 words, the 32 words together on average account for a third of all reading

all are as at be
but for had have him
his not on one said
so they we with you

If you then add the following 68 words (making a total of 100 words) these words on average account for a half of all reading in English

about an back been before
big by call came can
come could did do down
first from get go has
her here if into just
like little look made make
more me much must my
no new now off old
only or our other out
over right she see some
their them then there this
two up want well went
were what when where which
who will your

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