Word of the Day: 3 environment - noun

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Word of the Day: 3 environment - noun

from Kenneth Beare

environment - noun -


all surrounding things, conditions and influences that affect life; the natural world of land, sea, air, plants and animals

Example Sentences

IF we don't take care of the environment things will begin to quickly get worse.
He grew up in a loving and caring environment.


  1. Is the use of "environment" in the following sentence grammatically correct:

    Since learning occurs best in an environment that values freedom of inquiry and analysis, the library offers access to current resources and technologies that represent a variety of ideas and perspectives and provides learning spaces for critical engagement with these resources.

  2. Yes, you have used the word "environment" correctly. In my opinion, the sentence is a little bit too complex so it may be confusing to some people. You may want to make the sentence shorter and less complex. I believe it will be more effective. Sometimes less is better.

    For example: "Since learning occurs best in an environment that values freedom of inquiry and analysis, the library offers suitable resources, technologies, and learning spaces that encourage this learning environment."

  3. Thank you. I have been told that "environment" is used improperly state that environments cannot value anything. I think the semantic range of "environment" is broader and allows for this sense. I appreciate your thoughts.

  4. I believe if you are using the word environment as in a "social environment," it can value certain things. A social environment can include people and people are able to put a value on things.

    You could even argue that things such as plants can put a value on things. Such as a plant values sunlight.

    Please see the definition of social environment below:

    Social environment
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    The social environment (context),also known as the milieu, is the identical or similar social positions and social roles as a whole that influence the individuals of a group. The social environment of an individual is the culture that he or she was educated and/or lives in, and the people and institutions with whom the person interacts. A given social environment is likely to create a feeling of solidarity amongst its members, who are more likely to keep together, trust and help one another. Members of the same social environment will often think in similar styles and patterns even when their conclusions differ.

  5. thank you very much. I agree.


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