Idioms Lesson 01 A

1.  a background check /a backgrounder
      We did a background check on him. He's clean. No prison record, outstanding warrants, that kind of stuff.

2.  a ballpark figure
      Just give me the ballpark figure for the project, I don't need it down to the exact cent.

3.  a big deal /a really big deal
      "So I blew my curfew, big deal," said the teenager.

4.  a bitter pill
      After their winning streak, and intensive training schedule, the team's defeat was a bitter pill to swallow.

5.  a box office hit/a blockbuster
       The movie was a great success, a box office hit.

6.  a blockbuster.

a breadwinner
      As the main wage earner, he is the breadwinner of the household.

Homework: write a simple definition of the vocabulary we learned today.

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  1. Great, fantastic... keep doing that


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