How to speak like a native English speaker?

Student: Peter
Country: China

How can I learn to speak like native English speaker?

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  1. Hi Peter,
    One of the best ways to learn how to speak like a native speaker of English is to practice speaking with a native speaker.

    If you don't have a chance to speak with a native speaker, one good thing to do is to watch English TV, movies, news, or cartoons.

    Repeat what you hear on TV. Try to speak along with the TV. You may want to record a movie or show and watch it several times so that you can begin to understand and become familiar with the English phrases.

    After you start improving, you can begin to mute your TV's sound when one character is about to talk. That is when you should try talking. Try to have a conversation with your TV to improve your English. Next, begin practicing what you learn with real people.

    Hope this helps Peter,


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